Finding New Markets

Your products are beyond organic; they may be cutting edge climate adapted, have extraordinary health effects or carry supreme social accountability certification on top of the organic status. There are lots of buyers for products like yours, around the globe. We know some of them – get in touch to discuss how we could improve your business!

Moreganic® Consulting

We have been in the organic industry for decades. Our experience cover areas such as:

  • Sourcing products and ingredients
  • Global consumer insight
  • Developing products and markets
  • Trade show projects and ready-to-go solutions
  • Market analysis and market reports
  • PR and communication
  • Sales and purchasing strategies in the organic market
  • Organic standards/food legislation
  • Retail and whole sale
  • Strategic seminars
  • Support to companies and organizations in different areas within sustainability work
  • Ecotoxicology

We also have a wide network and established partners on other markets. Get in touch to discuss how we could help you!

Moreganic® webshop

The easiest way of reducing risks in international trade with organic food is to ensure you have the best information available about your target market. When working in projects, we collect data and information and publish the key insights in our reports. We also list other reports that we’ve found valuable to our customers. You can access all this knowledge in the Moreganic® Webshop!

  • Market reports
  • Market analysis
  • Third party reports

About Moreganic® Sourcing AB

General inquiries
+46 76 102 41 80

Johan Cejie – Analysis, market entry, CEOLinkedIn
Phone: +46 76 353 04 77

Sara Sundberg – CoordinationLinkedIn
Phone: +46 76 102 41 80

Kolbjörn Örjavik – Marketing LinkedIn
Phone: +46 730 800 877

Helena Wistrand

Lars Hällbom – Senior advisor

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Postal address: Kung Jans väg 2 ing H0, SE-752 37 Uppsala, SWEDEN

Visiting address: Drottning Christinas väg 1 D, SE-752 37 Uppsala, SWEDEN

VAT number: SE 559128763501
Swedish company registry number: 559128-7635

Moreganic® Sourcing AB is a company incorporated in Sweden, owned by Johan Cejie, Helena Wistrand and Katia Cejie.

Yes, we do climate compensate for our travel and shipments.