Market entry services

Moreganic® Market Entry Services is our range of support to bring your organic product to more profitable markets. In other words, these are our export services.

Entering new markets, or exporting your products, is a way of finding customers that value your product better than some of the customers in your current market. It’s actually not very difficult, but you do need to invest in some research and planning. You should also make very clear to yourself why you want to move into new markets. Moreganic® Market Entry Services helps you organize your research and planning. With us you don’t have to start with a costly feasibility study.

While our network of partners is global, our home is Scandinavia. If you are interested in entering the exceptionally dynamic Scandinavian market for organic products – Moreganic® is one of the most well connected and versatile agencies in the region.

Our basic Market Entry Planner support includes an initial interview about your situation, we will then suggest one of our Market Entry Planning templates, which we believe to be the most suitable one. After the initial interview, the Market Entry Planner includes ten consultancy hours at your disposal. If you want to do most of the work yourself, we will use these hours to coach you, make sure you find the answers and finish the plan. If you want us to do more of the work – get in touch for that initial (free) interview and we will provide you with a quote!

The Market Entry Readiness Check Up service is a way of finding out what your status is when it comes to moving into new markets. We will run through a check list to identify gaps and strengths in your company. We will also screen a select number of your products to some markets you find interesting. In just a few days, the Market Entry Readiness check up provides you with a good understanding of what it would take for your company to enter new markets. The package is charged at the same cost as five consultancy hours. Contact us today!

Moreganic® Sourcing also offer consumer insight services, we search new markets for business partners, provide logistics solutions, investigate channel structure, perform bench marks studies, identify trade barriers, review labels and much more.