New report: Organics in Finland 2018

We’re now publishing our first report on the Finnish organic market. The Organics in Finland is an annual report published by ProLuomu. It provides an overview of the general conditions for food production in Finland, as well as basic statistics on organic agriculture and wild collection.  It provides consumer insights in some detail, and retail and food service statistics at overview level.

The Finnish market for organic food is still in a fairly early stages. 2.4 % of all food sold in Finland 2018, was certified organic, but the growth rate is strong. Organic food is part of the regular grocery retailing, with each of the dominating retail chains offering a wide range of organic products, distributed across all categories.

Organic food is doing well in the Finnish public sector catering. 12%, by volume, of food brought by the public sector was organic in 2018. Private restaurants are also becoming ver more interested in organic food and cite environment, taste and ethics as major reasons for buying more organic food.

53% of the consumers in Finland respond that the intend to increase their purchase of organic products in the future. The strongest categories, by share of sales, are:

  • Vegetable oils, 20% organic
  • Baby food, 20% 
  • Eggs, 18% 

This 17 page report is exceptionally easy to read, as its designed is inspired by the layout of PowerPoint presentations.

Down load the report now:

Click here for English version

Click for Swedish version