New report: Organic juices and soft drinks in Germany

Moreganic Sourcing proudly presents a new organic market report: an overview of the German market for organic juices, soft drinks, smoothies and similar products. It also provides an overview of the shopper profile of the German organic shopper, as well as the market for organic food in Germany as a whole.

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Germany belongs to the heart land of the global organic market for organic products. The German market for organic food is the second largest single organic market in the world. Organic has strong roots in Germany and grew strong in specialized stores, but as of the last few years it has also moved into ordinary retail and is becoming main stream.

More than 5 % of all food sold in Germany is certified organic, which corresponds to a total retail value of about € 12 billion. This report is focused on non-alcoholic beverages, but also provides an over view of the major channels retail, specialized natural food stores and other retailers such as bakeries, farm shops, etc. It contains contact details for the purchasing departments of a number of organic wholesalers.

The main scope of this market analysis is organic juices, smoothies and juice based soft drinks. For a long time the segment was dominated by domestic, pasteurized, products like apple juice. The last decade has seen a development where more exotic fruits and berries make up the basis, but also mixes with dairy products and more. The products are supported by a refrigerated supply chain, and does well in urban areas. The report provides examples of products already on the market, with price indications from actual purchases in early 2020. The report does not cover non-alcoholic beer, wines, waters and similar products.

The section on shopper insights use socio-economic determinants as well as LOHAS characteristics to outline the landscape for marketing of organic products.

Who should read this report?

This report is intended for professionals engaged in trade and marketing with organic non-alcoholic beverages, but it is useful for anyone who wants to understand the basic characteristics of the German market for organic foods. It covers different sales channels and describes significant products groups. The report will be useful if you are:

  • Investigating possibilities for market entry
  • Looking for new channels for a beverage already on the market
  • Looking for information about a highly developed organic market

Table of content

1. Introduction (3 pages)

  • About this analysis
  • Purpose of the report
  • Methodology
  • The German market for organic non-alcoholic beverages
  • Organic sales in Germany
  • Sales of non-alcoholic drinks in Germany
  • Sales of organic non-alcoholic beverages in Germany

2. Market analysis (8 pages)

  • Market segmentation
  • The organic market by retail channel
  • The organic market by wholesaler
  • The organic market by HoReCa and others
  • The organic market by socioeconomic and demographic determinants
  • LOHAS in Germany
  • Bench marks
  • Consumer acceptance, infra structure requirements
  • Price level and positioning

3. Cost of doing business (3 pages)

  • Marketing support
  • Logistics, customs, duties and taxes
  • Distributor partnerships, packaging and design
  • Retailer / wholesaler listing fees and mark ups
  • Feed back? Need more information?

4. Appendix: Die Regionalen wholesaler network- map and list of contact details

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