From here and ahead!

Moreganic Sourcing was founded by Johan Cejie in 2017 and is an attempt to harness the power of good business to push food production in the direction of sustainability.

Our starting point is that a sustainable food system probably has to at least be organic in the way that we understand certified organic production today. The future food needs to be clean and charged with the power of natural production. We cannot afford to loose one more species due to use of pesticides. Nor can we afford to release more nitrogen and phosphorus into the biosphere. But this still is not enough; organic production needs to come a long way to get close to sustainability. It needs to dramatically cut its climate impact, guarantee reasonable living for people working in the food chain, improve health benefits even more, reduce leakage of nutrients and recycle more of these nutrients, and so on. In short; organic production and processing has to go from less bad for the planet, to improving the planet.

No-one can do everything but we can all do something. Moreganic Sourcing is about finding operators that are clearly on their way ahead, and assist them in finding the most profitable market. It will vary what aspect of sustainability pays the best reward in each market, so we will not say which aspect is more important. As long as the products are ahead in some way, it is a good thing.


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