Market Opportunity Assessment

Do you want to export export organic products to Sweden? Your product may seem to fit perfectly into trends and demands, but the potential may vanish because of tiny details. These details can be packaging that is slightly too large, wide or small. Perhaps the market standard in your product group is paper bags in Sweden, while you use plastic bags on your home market? Perhaps the product is indeed interesting, but used in other ways than at home? The reasons for that Swedes choose organic food may be different from why people choose your products at home. Packaging issues can sometimes easily be fixed, and to understand how the target group will use your product is fundamental for your marketing strategy.

The Moreganic® Market Opportunity Assessment resembles a pitch, but this time no-one is expecting business. Your outcome is an evaluation of the potential for your product, including key suggestions for improvement and a check list for what the buyer will ask when you do pitch it.

The Market Opportunity Assessment is provided for products considering the Swedish market for organic food, and it includes

  • An initial interview and assessment of your organic products potential in the Swedish market
  • Data on the product, pictures, marketing plans, capacity, etc is put into a brief for the panel. When relevant, we will ask for samples.
  • We will find experts to sit on an assessment panel, arrange a video meeting and ensure the brief and the samples arrive in due time.
  • The video meeting is brief and intensive – you will get live comments and feed back.
  • After the meeting we will summarize the key outcomes of the assessment, including suggested possibilities identified in the organic market.

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